Be sure to check your local government travel advice before traveling, for example UK foreign travel advice. Currently most countries strongly advise their citizens not to travel to Somalia.

Having said that Somalia does have a lot to offer for the adventurous traveller.

Somalia has thousands of miles of Indian Ocean coastline, so it is not surprise that there are many beautiful beaches. In and around the capital city Mogadishu for example, Lido beach, Jazeera beach, Uruba Beach are considered must see places.

Other popular places to visit in Mogadishu are the Peace Garden, Xamar Wayne Market, the mosque inside the Turkish Hospital, Shanghai Old city, the Black Hawk down site and Daljirka Dahson Monument.

Kismayo is another major city worth visiting and is home to Kismayo National Park. Here you can see wild animals like lions, zebras and antelopes.

In Mogadishu the most affordable mode of transport are the local busses, costing less than 1 dollar to get around town. 3 wheeled private taxis, called Bajaaj or Tukuuk, are the most convenient mode of transport. Trips usually costing around 5USD and less if you are good at bargaining.

There are some luxurious hotels in Mogadishu, for example Jazeera Place Hotel and Peace Hotel. These are located near the airport and are quite expensive. For a more local experience the Zoobe, Banadir, Adiaziz and Hodan districts each have affordable hotel options.

The best nightlife can be found in Zoombe district (for example Posh Treats and The Village), Banadir district (for example Casa Blanca, Royal and Banadi beach).

For a more relaxed evening your best options are in places like Makkah Hotel, Sayid Hotel, Mogadishu Inn (known for having the best pizza in town) and Karameal restaurant. And if you are after western food check out Pizza Plus, Fresco and Al’baik restaurant.


Insider tips:

Take advantage of the opportunity you have of travelling back to your homeland. It’s a dream that all the diasporas have to come back home.

Try your best to integrate with the locals. If you don’t know Somali just try! The locals will laugh at you, but that’s how you will learn, do not be shy. Get used to everyone staring at you. The locals can tell who is a diaspora by the way we dress and walk (yes we have our own walk). Also get used to people yelling out on the streets calling you a diaspora (or at times dayuus meaning stupid). They don’t mean no harm.

Mogadishu is not a war-torn city anymore, terrorist have not taken over the city. Yes tragic things happen here unfortunately, however it is much safer than it was couple of years ago.

Do not let fear keep you from coming to Somalia. Be aware of your surrounding and take caution when going out, especially alone. We recommend having a local guide to help you get around.

Make sure you dress appropriately, for women that means No tight clothes or clothes that show any body parts, especially in the daytime. In the evening people are more liberal so when going out to restaurants and hotels, you can for example wear summer dresses, skirts, abayads.