Tunisia is a popular tourist destination for its many beach resorts. One of the best known beach resorts is Hammamet.  It is Tunisia's top resort, a dreamy place dotted with pristine low rise white buildings set beside a bright blue sea. All over town people will go to sunbath on the white sand, or stroll in the restored old town souks. It is a no-stress kind of place that sums up the pleasures of Tunisia in one pretty package.

There the best places to stay are Hammmet town center, Yasmine and Sud. Each of these offer a wide variety of hotels and resorts. The local market and George Sebastian Villa draw many visitors.

From the airport taxis are the most convenient mode of transport to your hotel. Once inside Hammamet you can rely on public transport to get around. Tunisia offers halal food at nearly every restaurant. There is an abundance of mosques.


Insider tip: make sure explore more than just the beautiful beaches, and experience some of the local culture and history.